Above and beyond

Finally, the time has come to say goodbye to the 2013 year and make way for the new one. For some people it’s time to sum up the whole year and make plans for the next one, for some – to rest or party more than ever before, for others – it’s probably the best moment to visit new places, but for me? It’s only about time to get rid of the old calendar and get a new one. See, I totally understand the whole hype about the New Year’s Eve and I usually spend it like most of you, though I don’t exactly feel it myself. I could point out at least a dozen evenings of the year that I find more meaningful. But for the sake of this blog’s glory (oh, if you only knew how popular it’s come to be..) , I’ll make an exception and keep up with trends by making a short 2013 review note about this year’s trips of mine. Here it goes:

Countries visited: 8
Cities visited: 30
Approximate distance travelled: over 20 000 km
Activities: skiing (SK), sailing (HR), diving (PL), eating kebab (everywhere)
Means of transport: magic carpet, flying broom, feet

Almost a year ago I was told to take every single opportunity to travel – and so I did. I think I couldn’t be more happy about it. I had fun, I proved how easy and cheap this kind of trips has become these days, and most of all – I realized I’d do anything to find myself travelling again, as these are the moments that make me feel I’m above and beyond the ordinary day. Huh.

Now, as no post goes without at least one picture, let me show you my past&future pin map I got from no one else but Her:


And for last, let’s do one more exception, for a goal, and greetings.

The goal is naturally to make all the green dots orange. Plus, pin additional greens.

And as for wishes from MeetYourPlanet – Happy New Year folks! Stay safe, wherever you are.



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