Hollywood Hills of Krakow

As some of you may remember, one of the things I left for later when I wrote about Krakow were the hills south of the city. It’s the best place to live around here, if you like to start and end every single day with a vast panoramic view from your balcony. Or to just throw Hollywood-style parties (if you’re not so much into this romantic-soul stuff).

So as for, what I call, Krakow’s Hollywood Hills – I managed to take some shots but I don’t have any camera that could capture it the way it actually looks, so they’re nowhere near as good as these fancy night city skyline photos of Los Angeles.
The actual view is still stunning though, and I still plan to buy a house in the neighborhood (as soon as I win the lottery). Take a look.


5 responses to “Hollywood Hills of Krakow

  1. I honestly could get lost in this site with the pictures you’ve taken. Many of the places you’ve visited (Poland, Croatia, Scandinavia) are places on my travel list, so it’s great to get a look at these locations in good pictures.

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