Krakow’s scuba dive site

A couple of months ago, while writing about the other side of Krakow, I mentioned that I planned to get a new (underwater) perspective on Zakrzowek – a former limestone quarry in Krakow, quite close to the city center, which is now one of the best scuba diving destinations in Poland. And finally, I made it.

It takes about five minutes to get from my place to Zakrzowek and despite that I’ve been there more than ten times, it wasn’t until today when I finally went underwater. I don’t scuba dive too often, thus I have even more fun every time I do it. It’s like wandering in a whole different world. You can hardly hear anything but your breath, you don’t feel any weight at all and at the same time – in places like this – you watch an underwater city life. The main difference between that life and a regular one is that it looks more like the one in “I Am Legend” movie: abandoned vehicles with open door, a crashed airplane with no pilot body, a shipwreck at the bottom, a magical but frightening forest, and fishes.. flying around like souls of the dead. And all that wrapped in dimness.

Even from the surface, with all these white slopes and clear water, Zakrzowek looks amazing but it’s way different beneath it. No matter how you imagine the picture I made, you should give it a try and paint one on your own. You won’t forget your first breath underwater.

Here are some photos of what scuba divers may find below the surface:

And here is the rest:


2 responses to “Krakow’s scuba dive site

  1. Hello, im visiting poland in july and have recently qualified my open water diver, would like to go diving and hope you can give me some information on where to go? thanks

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