Skiing in Slovakia

Here we are, after the first trip abroad this year. Well, it’s hard to call it a real trip, as it was only one day. And the border we passed wasn’t actually a border, as since Poland is part of the Schengen Borders Agreement we just cross it as it was one of the McDonald’s drive-through but still, it’s no longer our territory. Our… Wait, I think I missed something. Right. Let me introduce a very important person, someone who will accompany me on most of the journeys I’ll take in the future – Lady G. . You don’t know it yet, but She’s a great person to live with, let alone to travel with, so I’m looking forward to our next trip (this should explain all these “we(s)” and “our(s)”).

So, we set off at 6 a.m. from Krakow with a couple of my work mates. “A couple of” means there were three or four full coaches. I was grateful to my employer for organizing this kind of transportation, as at this time of “day” I’m more like a zombie than a human, so I wouldn’t take driving into account and was quite happy about the possibility of sleeping through the whole journey. But as it turned out, I couldn’t sleep. It was the first time since 5 years when I was about to leave the country. As mentioned, I had to try hard to notice the moment we actually passed the border and the part of Slovakia we saw was in fact hardly any different than Poland, nonetheless in a way it made me excited.

Our destination was the Ski Park Kubinska hoľa, 7 km away from a town named Dolny Kubin, around 150 km away from Krakow, so after 2,5 hour ride we reached the place. First, we had to rent some skis for Her, as only I had my own equipment. So a short chat with rental office employer was inevitable, but this was one of the things I was waiting for, as I knew this would be funny. And indeed it was, as well as all the conversations we had with Slovakians. Everytime I talk to Slavik people, I find it very amusing. I’m speaking my language, they’re speaking theirs, we pretend to understand each other but in fact no one knows what the hell is happening. And we end up speaking English anyway. Besides the language and currency, they’re quite the same though.

After half an hour of waiting (or was it two hours?) we finally succeeded and took our first ride down the slope. And what can I say… It’s always hard after one- or two-year break, but we survived. No broken limbs, no head injuries, no memory loss, my snowboard remained only one piece of wood, and last but not least – we had a lot of fun! The views were pretty nice, the queues were not as long as they happen to be on weekends and the weather was not bad. Maybe a little bit to warm, but it didn’t matter.

On our way back , we spotted Orava Castle, one among many situated in Slovakia. I’ve already seen some of them, but most are ahead (including this one). I really like this country, so for it’s castles, caves and mountains, as out of some kind of sentiment. Afterall, Slovakia’s borders were the first ones for me to pass, both years ago and now (after this break), so it helped me lose my travel-abroad virginity, so to say. Twice! Both me and Her agreed to go back there in the nearest future, especially as it’s in our close vicinity. We have a lot of sightseeing to do.


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