Taste a little piece of the Earth

Testing. One, two, three… Is this mic on?

Ok, I guess it is.

Let me introduce myself then. My name is Mr Nobody, An Anonym, The Regular Guy from The Regular Neighborhood, someone who likes to touch everything he comes across and tries to live his life (especially while asleep – since that’s the best thing to do, isn’t it?)

And what made me start a blog and write this? There are at least a few reasons that come to my mind, but the one I’ll share is that.. I just wanted to see what my own blog would look like. We’ll see what comes of it.

Now, just to make you aware of something. As I’m sitting here, it’s January 21, 2013, exactly a month after one of the most popular and expected ends of the world of our time. As you probably already know, it didn’t happen, which by the way I’m half happy and half disappointed about – who wouldn’t like to see it live, with their own eyes? Who wouldn’t like to test themselves in real action with astonishingly lifelike 7-D effects? The cinema trailer was so epic! Unlike the movie though.

Anyway, as I’m sitting here and now, in my warm apartment in Krakow, I would never thought what the new year will bring to me. As usually in the evening, I’m trying to relax after another day at work, improperly rock&rollin’ in my chair, looking at the old-style map by National Geographic hanging on the wall, listening to Kings of Leon’s “Only by the night” or watching aerial clips created using these fancy high-definition video cameras able to capture up to 1000 frames per second (mind-blowing slow motion effect!). All these factors combined with annoyingly ticking unsynchronized clocks pointing to time zones in four different continents are intended to make me feel I’ve got a window to the rest of the world. I’m not sure if it works as an actual window but, as it turned out, it is soon to become a gate. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, a real gate. Like the West-door of Moria in Middle-earth. And believe it or not, I happened to meet the future-myself today and much to my great surprise and amusement… he has hardly put on weight at all. And he has a beard. Which looks weird. But among all the stupid things he said, there was one that grabbed my attention:

  • Future-myself: “A lot of adventures will come this year, Mister.”
  • Present-myself: “Um… What?”
  • Future-myself: “Every month you’ll meet an opportunity to experience a journey to another country. You must never hesitate to take it.”
  • Present-myself: “Ah. Yeah, okey.”

“Yeah, okey” was the moment I paid the most attention to him, because it’s been around 5 years since I’ve last been abroad. And even earlier when I travelled, I did it only once a year. Why all of a sudden would I start going abroad every month? And then it came to me – WHY NOT? Why not take a backpack and catch a plane to Spain? Or Italy? Or Scandinavia? It was the moment when I set my mind to a new mode: “travel”. Of course it’s not that I’ve been nowhere during these 5 years. I’ve done a lot of things, very interesting ones, but I’ll try to find a moment to mention that later. As for euro- and worldwide trips, I just used to think as most people in this country do: I must save as much money as I can. True, but come on… These days, when we have all these low-cost carriers and bus companies “chasing” one another, we should use it. It’s definitely easier and cheaper than it seems to be, you just have to know what to do. And that’s what I’m going to prove, that’s the mission for this year, while this blog is going to help me share with you whatever I’ll run across.

So, “stay thirsty, my friends”.




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